L2: Atomic and Nuclear Energy (and some history!). L3: Modern Physics

  • Posted on: 30 January 2020
  • By: gregoryoneill
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Level 2:
Lord Ernest Rutherford did a large amount of his work here at UC before moving to Oxford (UK, not the one in Canterbury). He is most famous for splitting the Atom, but his second most famous experiment produced our first look at the model of an atom. We're going to look at the evidence he used to make his model and how he came to his conclusions.

We'll also have a look at Nuclear fusion and fission energy, and why there's so much more energy in the nucleus than those pesky electrons. We'll leave them to the chemists.

Apart from basic logic there's very little Maths involved in this standard, but it helps if you can count balls - (Protons and Neutrons).

Level 3
Just prior to 1905 there were only a couple of small problems left to sort out in Physics. Then came Einstein, and he made the small problems big. We'll look at his work and the effects of nuclear binding energy in fission and fusion, we'll describe the photoelectric effect using Bohr's model of the atom and look at the wave particle duality in Young's experiment.

A clearfile to keep the notes I'll give you would be great for both levels.

Decisions on how this class will run and which levels will run when will be made based on the number of students entered.

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