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Apply algebraic procedures in solving problems.

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Once we have completed Graphs we will move on to Algebra. Algebra is the language that mathematicians use to solve problems.

This will be assessed in the MCAT external in September and we will revisit the topic ti study for this.

Apply algebraic procedures involves:
• selecting and using procedures in solving problems
• demonstrating knowledge of algebraic concepts and terms
• communicating solutions using appropriate mathematical symbols.

Relational thinking involves one or more of:
• selecting and carrying out a logical sequence of steps
• connecting different concepts and representations
• demonstrating understanding of concepts
• forming and using a model;
and also relating findings to a context, or communicating thinking using appropriate mathematical statements.

Extended abstract thinking involves one or more of:
• devising a strategy to investigate or solve a problem
• identifying relevant concepts in context
• developing a chain of logical reasoning, or proof
• forming a generalisation;

Achievement: Apply algebraic procedures in solving problems.

Achievement with Merit: Apply algebraic procedures, using relational thinking, in solving problems.

Achievement with Excellence: Apply algebraic procedures, using extended abstract thinking, in solving problems.

The year plan is:

  • Graphs 4 credits external
  • Linear algebra 3 credits internal
  • Algebra (MCAT) 4 credits external
  • Chance and Data 4 credits external
  • Elements of chance 3 credits internal
  • Geometric Reasoning 4 credits external
Assessment Opportunities: