• Posted on: 4 December 2019
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Statistics is a University Entrance course and can lead to careers in Accounting, Biology, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Management, Data Science, and Physics.
A lot of the content involves contextualising and analysing data and reports. This becomes very useful in interpreting media and research yourself for validity.

To wake up the brain for the year we will study Bivariate Data. Here we try to find if there is a relationship between two sets of data. The work will be done on a computer. You should have studied graphs at level 1 previously and having studied Statistics at previous levels will be a real help to you.
The assessment is an internal one worth 4 credits.
The content is also referred to in the external exam "Evaluating Statistically based reports" and as you may want to use Statistics as part of your University Entrance credits, this is a good chance to get the first 4 credits under your belt.

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