LITERACY - 5LIT- Reading with Beth!

  • Posted on: 25 October 2019
  • By: BethanyManders
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In this class, we're going to spend six weeks with a novel to experience how fun, interesting and engaging books can be.

In the first week we'll spend the time reading the first chapter of a few books and choosing one as a class. That way we'll get one that looks good to lots of people, and you'll finish that week with a few extra titles to read in your free time if the first chapters really grab you.

Through the reading process, we'll have lots of discussions about what we read. This might be in-depth character analysis, or picking apart the plot and setting to understand why the author made the decisions he/she did and could go off in all sorts of different tangents while we discuss things we are reminded of or think about whilst reading.

This class will involve lots of discussing and interacting with the book as a class. We'll all be reading as a class, assigning characters each lesson to make it engaging and interesting to listen to, so come along expecting to do some reading aloud!

There will be zero tolerance for gaming and social media in this class, so you'll be expected to be able to manage yourself in this way.