Games of chance

  • Posted on: 22 October 2019
  • By: MattParkes
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The legend of Bigfoot:
One day in 1908 William ‘Bigfoot’ Annakin, stood before Leeds Magistrates’ Court to answer a charge of allowing a game of chance, namely darts, to be played in pubs. Annakin duly turned up at Court clutching a Yorkshire Board and needing little encouragement from the officials, set about proving that darts was in fact a game of skill. He did this by landing darts in whichever number segment was requested. The Magistrate then asked the Clerk of the Court to throw three darts, only one of which actually hit and stayed in the dartboard. The Magistrate was duly impressed and announced without further evidence that “This is no game of chance. Case dismissed!”
This course will look at various games of chance, the balance between chance and skill, and whether there is any truth to the saying that ‘the house always wins’ at the casino.