Project- 4.2 Printmaking and ceramics

  • Posted on: 21 October 2019
  • By: HollyRamsay
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This course best suits anyone who is passionate to learn printmaking and ceramics, or those who have printmaking and ceramics projects that they started and want to complete this year. It is also suitable for people who have already studied some printmaking and ceramics with Holly.

Projects will be planned and organised in a visual diary and be individual and inquiry based.

As you continue to work on your project you will be expected to try some new things. This could mean displaying your own works around the school communities and selling or taking commissions.
NB:A commission is when someone pays you to make an art work for them.This payment could be an exchange of skills or somethings else and not only money.
We will go to the city gallery to look at art and to get ideas.