Gina's Writing Group - T4 2019 Information Reports

  • Posted on: 17 October 2019
  • By: GinaHarrison

This term's focus will be on writing information reports. These will either link with our inquiry and become part of our inquiry research, or be about an animal of our choice.
We will write questions and plan our reports using a mixture of tools from Storytelling and the Sheena Cameron writing book.

Week 2:
Choose a topic and write 5 questions.
Begin researching the topic and recording the answers in our own words.

Week 3:
Plan our writing and draw picture plans.
Begin to write an introduction.

Week 4:
Write the body of the writing using the plans and research.

Week 5:
Write the conclusion.

Week 7:
Edit writing and publish.

We will look at the surface features of punctuation (including learning how to use commas), paragraph use, spelling and tense.

To Do List: 
Tell a story
Map a story
Step out my story
Write my story
Edit my story for meaning and spelling/punctuation
LA Code: