The Farm - Nadine and Suze's Writers T4 2019

  • Posted on: 3 October 2019
  • By: SuzeKeys

This term Nadine and Suze's writers will be writing following the Storyline process (more information can be found here:

We will:
Read farm stories and retell the story of Farmer Duck using the storytelling process.
Visit Arion farm - Wednesday of week 2 (23rd October)
Create a farm diorama as a group.
Describe what farms are and what they require to function.
Each choose an animal that our ideas will centre on.
Plan part of our farm (diorama) for our chosen animal, writing a list of what we plan to include in the farm.
Write an information report on our chosen animal - what it eats, what it produces, where it lives and some interesting fact about the animal.
Write a narrative story about events that happen on our farm.

We might also visit a Diary farm? - This is TBC depending on the rest of community Pekapeka's plans.

We will also be doing daily handwriting and fast words activities.

To Do List: 
Describe what is on a farm
Read farm stories, including Farmer Duck
Retell the Farmer Duck story
Choose a farm animal to work with
Collect facts about our animal
Decide what our animal needs on the farm
Plan our section of the farm for our animal
Build a farm diorama
Write an information report
Write a narrative story about an event on the farm
Visit Arion Farm
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