Week 8 (9-13 September 2019)

Red - EFS; Filming of the film this weekend;
Blue - PE; about to do our variable part of the assessment; Next Monday Thursday; MUST STUDY!!!!!
Yellow - Māori; Going to Dentist apopo (Tues 10th) Conversation practice when arrive.
Purple - English - working on writing pholios and personal responses (done 5 have to finish 6) plan to finish Thursday and hand in for time should I need to resubmit next week.
Green - Maths; still preparing for the MCAT. I understand it!!!! :)
L2L - LauraB & RichardM doing a creative writing piece DUE end of term though will try and complete by next week.
PINS - Dungeons and Dragons game is FUN!!!!!!!

Curriculum Levels: