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Wk 7 Term 3.2 (03 Sept 2019)

Red - Biology: With MatiasW and dont feel I am getting anywhere; MarT to talk to RicM regarding this. Then talk to MatiasW. Wanting to pull out... not many options really...

Blue - Technology it's going well; got advice & tips from ex-student on designs and prototypes. Need to talk to Jared about the creation, completion and credits. Jared has invited us to do extra study

Yellow - STUDY; doing History this morning before coming to school.


Purple - HISTORY sending work as PDF to RichardM tonight

Green - PE Doing leadership strategies - every Wed morning teaching to Yr5-6; Credits come at the end of the term. Tomorrow the 3rd of 4 classes.

- Find, then Bring GOAL BOOK to school so Marz can stick things in!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Find out credits in Technology and P.E coz I NEED 14 Credits to pass Level 2!!!!!!!
- Make Marz talk to Richard M (& then Mattias W) regarding Biology credits
- SEND History to RicM TONIGHT (Tuesday 3rd September)!!!!!!

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