2019 Term 3 Level 3 Literacy

  • Posted on: 25 August 2019
  • By: libbyboyd

From NZ Curriculum our Achievement objectives are:
1. Students will select and use sources of information (meaning, structure,
visual and grapho-phonic information) and prior knowledge with growing confidence to make sense of increasingly varied and complex texts;
2. Students will select and use processing strategies and an increasing range of comprehension strategies with some understanding and confidence;
3. Students will recognise how texts are constructed for different purposes, audiences, and situations;
4. Students will use a large and increasing bank of high-frequency, topic- specific, and personal-content words to make meaning;

5. Students will seek feedback and makes changes to texts to improve clarity and meaning;
6. Students will construct texts that demonstrate a growing awareness of audience and purpose through appropriate choice of content, language, and text form;
7. Students will expect the texts they create to be understood, responded to, and appreciated by others;
8. Students will begin to add or delete details and comments, showing some
selectivity in the process.
9. Students will use a range of strategies to self-monitor and self-correct spelling;
10. Students will organise and sequence ideas and information with some confidence;

These aspects of the literacy programme are the foci of the teaching of literacy this term, see Libbys planning for specific details and below for specific learning objectives for the term..

To Do List: 
Participate actively in discussion during lessons, sharing ideas and thoughts.
Complete learning tasks each week to a high standard and showing effort and resilience.
LA Code: