Out of Africa, the Mediterranean, Europe and Beyond:Colonisation

  • Posted on: 14 August 2019
  • By: KateArmour
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You asked for a history focus this block so we'll look into the process of colonisation. Since the earliest humans left Africa, groups of people have been moving to different parts of the world. We'll ask why people do this and why it is significant for us. We'll compare colonisations in different locations and across time analysing their similarities and differences as well as people's differing perspectives.

The skills you asked to focus on were:

-exam skills so we'll have an end of term test (open book :) )
-writing skills so we'll write another essay
-research skills so you can conduct an inquiry on a colonisation of your choice using primary and secondary sources.

Case studies:
-Out of Africa (yes, it's prehistory rather than history but a good starting point)
-the Romans around the Mediterranean and beyond; and
-the European colonisation of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Level Five Curriculum Achievement Objectives:
1) Understand that people move between places and how this has consequences for the people and the places (Social Studies)
2) Understand how economic decisions impact on people, communities, and nations (Social Studies)
3) Understand how the ideas and actions of people in the past have had a significant impact on people’s lives (Social Studies)