3.2 Traitor & The Thief (Novel) + WRITING

  • Posted on: 14 August 2019
  • By: EmilyMowbray
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Our English class looks like this:

Writing (either continuing to work on a piece each session OR a new one each session)
Occasionally Viewing (Ted Talks and the like):
10 minutes of movement
10 minute burst of spelling/grammar
Listening to Emily read aloud 'Traitor and the Thief' which you can read along silently too or draw/colour in whilst you listen.

If you've finished reading this Gareth Ward novel, you can read the next one.
There will be 'Fast Finisher' activities on Google Classroom.

There'll be reading, writing, viewing, listening, speaking opportunities in this class.

NB: I promise not to MAKE anyone read aloud in front of the class.
I sometimes ask for 'no hands up' answers, but this is usually about checking people have understood the 'request', rather than checking 'you' know the answer.

a writing exercise book
a pen or pencil

Come ready to DO, and learn magical things.