2019 Term 3 PLAY based learning.

  • Posted on: 14 August 2019
  • By: libbyboyd

Play Based Learning is using play in the classroom to create opportunities for learning. Play can be a scary word but also very exciting. It’s about setting up environments to support children’s natural urges and inquiry. It is not a free for all but an opportunity to play, with support from teachers. Having an opportunity to play is to support kids to be intrinsically motivated, for LAs and parents to see the value in the play, and to help children naturally extend their own learning in their play. It includes lots of skills learning like collaboration, problem solving and self management. It also supports children’s natural urges which cover so many different learning areas. Literacy, technology ...etc. Play is about the process of getting to a point, the journey, not an end product.

Play will be scaffolded for students at this level. LAs will often “invite” students to play. Parents can contribute too and are also needed to help resource play.

The Sacred Urge to Play by Kimberly Crisp - great read if you’re interested.

We need to get some resources together for our play, any ideas and resources welcome.

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