Waikirikiri Selwyn River Research

  • Posted on: 13 August 2019
  • By: KateArmour
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Gathering data to compare the health of the Waikirikiri / Selwyn River in two locations is the focus of this block as we go into the field with Waterwatch staff for our final internal assessment.

We begin the course by focusing on statistic basics and what makes a healthy river. You will then be directed to undertake primary research in the field comparing the chemistry, biology, and physical characteristics of the river at Coes Ford and Glentunnel. The final stage will be to present your data and discuss the findings.

This course involves a one-day field trip to Coes Ford and Glentunnel. The field trip is a crucial part of the assessment.

Approximate plan:
Week 7 - mock exam feedback and statistics basics (lesson one) healthy rivers (lesson two)
Week 8 - introduction of the assessment task and the Waikirikiri Selwyn River (lesson three) and field trip (lesson four)
Week 9 - share field data in class and begin assessment (lesson five) and assessment task (lesson six)
Week 10 - assessment task (lesson seven) and IEMS

Assessment 91011 Conduct Geographic Research with Direction: 4 credits including literacy and numeracy

New students to geography are welcome but need to undertake some geography basics homework before joining the class. Please see or email Kate.

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