Make a synth

My main PBL goal for the rest of the year is to design & build an Eurorack-format modular synthesizer.
My first steps at school are to:
- Talk to Jared about the project in general & maybe assesments
- Design & build a case for it - the tricky bits are the rails, which you can 3D print or buy metal ones - I'll test 3D printing them
- Investigate the school's ability to make panels/circuit boards (laser cutter?!)
- Build the modules that I've got the parts for

A rough list of modules (sorta sorted from most needed to least) - this'll probably adapt as I go along (and I've added everything I might want so I probably won't get to all of them) but it's a good start
- VC Oscillator
- Power distribution board (or look into flying buses)
- VC Amplifier
- Filter
- Envelope Generator
- Various mixers/splitters
- Line out
- Headphone out
- Low Frequency Oscillator
- Delay/reverb
- Attenuators
- Guitar/line in
- Ribbon controller
- Tuner
- Frequency divider
- Oscilloscope
- White noise generator

Here's some links to format specifications/resources for circuits/stuff like that:

And here's a photo of one if you need it: