2019 Term 2 Mindfulness

  • Posted on: 8 July 2019
  • By: libbyboyd

Mindfulness is paying attention with kindness.
Each fortnight Erika and Johanna run 30 minute sessions to teach the students some skills and strategies to become mindful and to practice for themselves.
These include breathing techniques, movements, massage and a large portion on what happens in our brains when we practice these things, and good times to practice mindfulness.

Students begin each session checking in with their bodies and minds to calm themselves and become ready for learning mindfulness. This is usually followed by learning a new technique to take away and practice and revisiting some already learnt mindful techniques. All sessions end with a check in again before students leave.

Mindfullness is always taught in a calm and considered way with the expectation that students will copy and be mindful themselves during the sessions.

To Do List: 
participate fully in mindfulness sessions.
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