Melz Maths Workshops

  • Posted on: 15 March 2015
  • By: melstopford

Measurement - here we come!

Week 1 - Specific Learning Outcomes:
- make estimates of lengths between approximately 50cm and 1.5m (lengths of strides)
- measure lengths in metres and centimeters
- convert between metres and centimeters

Session 1
- find examples by estimating (guessing) their length
--5cm, 10cm, 25cm, 30cm, 75cm, 100cm, 2m, Mel's height, your own height
--measure and compare your guesses
--create a table in your maths book to record your measurements

Session 2
-- Mel has measured out 10metres
--how many strides do you think it will take to walk 10m?
--how long is your stride? your partners stride?
--do you think it will be more or fewer strides if you are running?
--how long does it take Mel to walk 10m? If she kept the same rate, how long would it take her to walk 100m, 1km?
--show your working in your maths book

Session 3
--complete the handout shared by Mel
(convert between cm, mm, m, km, l, kl etc)
--set up your maths book so that you can more easily review your work

Week 2 - Perimetre and Area
- find the perimeter of a shape
- count squares to find the area of a shape

Session 1
How long would it take Mel to walk 1km?
--share and how your workings
NZ is 15811km around the entire coastline

The distance right around the outside of a shape is called the perimeter.
- choose five objects in this room and note down the perimeter of each.
-- ipod, cellphone, the desk your working at etc etc
--show your workings

What of mm, cm, m or km would be used to measure these?
-- school grounds
-- South Island
-- the perimeter of a water stain on the floor
-- your shadow

List five other items that would be measured for each of the above measurements.
(create a table for this in your maths book)

Learning Area: