Term 3 - Goals 2019

Red - Media RicP; barely done anything - Term 3 MUST get work started and DONE; Figure out what I am doing in a FILM CLASS!!!!! Keep ideas simple and easily done - like a film made in school or at home; choose reliable people!!!

Blue - English GeoM; Finished in Week 8 an assessment NEED to get another off him for this week and the holidays!!!

Yellow - Drama EmiM; Going to follow through with an assessment I am presently working on 'Devising' - EmiM will hand out paperwork Week 1 next Term. NEED to write a REVIEW on this class.

Purple - GOOD visual text going! Getting an extension and I have been doing both the visual and the written. Get it finished.

Green - STUDY

L2L - working toward 6 credits in psychology

46 credits needed;

Got to check NZQA website for my credits in Mathematics that I think are missing; just Level 2

Key Competencies: 
Curriculum Levels: