Ko Tōku Ao Reo

  • Posted on: 1 July 2019
  • By: mhu
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He poturi haere te mau o te reo ara, a, ka mahi ngawari mātou. The progress to gaining reo has been gradual and easy. We have been working with Unit Standards. Those wanting NCEA Level 1 (or higher) MUST BE committed to studying and would be expected to take work home to work on every night as te reo Māori needs extra help as most students do not speak Māori outside of school.

The plan is to build your knowledge in understanding sentence structures as you should have already have learnt Māori words and basic sentences in the past or be open to learn and practice what you learn ia rā, ia rā, ia rā (everyday)! You will need these sentence structures to be able to deliver up to two 3-5 minute speech in Te Reo Māori for the Kōrero exam and be able to understand sentences in Te Reo Māori to be able to listen to a Whakarongo exam.

“Kia mate a Ururoa! kei mate Tarakihi!”

Whakapākehatia/English Translation:
Let us die bravely, as the fierce shark, Ururoa & not quietly like the Tarakihi!

Te Ngako o te Whakataukī/Meaning of the Proveb:
This whakataukī (proverb) means that when something is difficult a person should not give up like a tarakihi fish does when it is caught on the end of a shining hook. A person should keep going, keep fighting for what they want to achieve, like a shark (ururoa/mangopare/mako) who will not give up until it is dead!

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