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Adaptations, Digestion, Introduced Species and Performance Enhancing Drugs Part 1

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  • Posted on: 25 June 2019
  • By: MattiasWieland
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This course will run over 10 weeks and include the opportunity for 3 assessments: 2 internals and 1 external.

On Wednesdays we will focus on Biological Issues. You can either choose to look at performance-enhancing drugs or an introduced species in New Zealand. I will introduce this standard and topic in the first few weeks, before you will have time to write a report on your chosen issue (internal, 3 credits). For performance-enhancing drugs we will look at cycling in particular. In introduced species we look at things we have brought to New Zealand accidentally or on purpose, what effect they have on our environment and what people think about them.

On Fridays we will learn what adaptations are and focus on the digestive system in particular. We will learn what happens to the food we consume, and how different mammals have adapted to different types of food. This will involve some practical work, a trip to Orana Park and the opportunity for a Level 1 external and a Level 2 internal (3 credits each).

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