Wk 7 (13 June 2019)

Red - Media RicP Learnt how to use Premiere Pro - MUST EMAIL RicP for film equipment for the 48 Hours; THIS WEEKEND
Blue - English GeoM Just passed an assessment with Merit; NEXT I must ask George
Yellow - Drama NOT going alright; Presented plays Tuesday morning but I opted out of the assessment because
Purple - Psychology RicP Doing a visual text; Graphic Novel but its only a couple of sketches right now
Green - STUDY - Using that time mainly for work from other classes. Remember that it is 3 hours a week.

L2L - RicP & DunW; Psychology 2.1 assessment; eh... I need to figure out what I am doing.

PINS - Call for Coffee and last week designed the Student Cafe sign; Find out when its starting.

Curriculum Levels: