Wk 7 (13 June 2019)

Red - EFS (KateA) started on Changing something spiritual, emotional or physical about yourself
Blue - PE (KelB) log book kept. It's ongoing
Yellow - Māori and its going good; Written Unit standard working on and a Speech; Tauparapara, pepeha-whānau and description of myself.
Purple - English (BraF) Just handed in an assignment and we have started a new one.
Green - Maths (AliS) I understand it and have an assessment next Wednesday.

L2L - RicP & DunW; I am doing a creative writing assessment DUE the last week of the term but going to try to have it in by Week 9.

PINS - Kapa Haka and its going good and I like it.

We look at credits today;

Curriculum Levels: