How Can I Improve My Performance

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  • Posted on: 24 May 2019
  • By: KelseyBerryman
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Level 2: This course will begin by participating in a variety of different methods of training (i.e. continuous, circuit, interval etc). You will think about these methods of training in relation to the principles of training (specificity, time, frequency etc). Once you have covered a variety of these you will create and implement your own training programme. In the assessment you will analyse your training programme.

Level 3: You will begin by looking at a variety of strategies to improve performance (i.e. methods of training, nutrition etc) and relate these to the sport you are participating in. Once you have looked at a few you will choose 2-3 strategies to focus on. You will research these strategies, devise a plan and implement these over two, two week periods.

Level 2 will complete a duathlon and level 3 will complete a 6km run.

You need to come prepared for both practical and theory lessons every block.