2.2 Level Three - Art making towards a folio

  • Posted on: 23 May 2019
  • By: HollyRamsay
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(Pre- requisite is level two visual art, if you have not completed a level two art folio you must negotiate with a visual art learning adviser prior to entry of this course).
This course supports making a body of art work suitable for NCEA at level three and to produce examples of your own art suitable for application into tertiary art/art design courses. You will have the opportunity to prepare and enter into the scholarship exam if you choose to. The year concludes with the completion of a three panel A1 size folio. This years work may also become a submission proposal for an art gallery to exhibit your work.

Term two is a heads down - work through the challenges and feel a little burn kind of time where we investigate some of the ideas you have chosen to explore. and come up with great solutions.

If you want to make a body of art work and not do NCEA have a look at the 'Artists as Entrepreneurs' descriptor in green block.