Nature - Getting out into it

  • Posted on: 22 May 2019
  • By: EmilyMowbray
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Disclaimer: This is a cellphone and computer FREE course. You will be asked to turn your phone OFF and leave it in your bag. If you're not willing to do this (at this time), this 5 week course is not for you (right now).

Who wants to spend 2 classes per week outside, rain hail or shine?

This course is about getting out into NATURE.

We'll walk to Hagley Park, Community Gardens, the river and other 'green spots' within a 12 minute walk from Mollett Street. We may catch buses also e.g. to Victoria Park.

We will co-construct / co-create what activities we'd like to do together.

Some ideas are:
Bug hunting, Sketching, Photography (using cameras rather than phones), Videography, Bird-spotting, Writing Poetry, Nature Mandalas, Art Installations, Exploring Edible Plants e.g. Horopito, Kawakawa, Pansies, Collecting Seeds...the general idea is to BE in Nature and EXPLORE Nature.

Depending on Parent Availability/Enthusiasm/Involvement and Transport options we can venture to the Beach or a River also.

We need Parental Support to enable this course to happen. If you can attend for 1 session Tuesday 1-2.30pm OR Friday 9am - 10.50am we'd love to hear from you.

Wet Weather Gear (at the least a waterproof jacket) and warm clothes (and be prepared to bring a change of clothes to wear once we get back to School.

Here's a link to the benefits such as reducing depression, anxiety and symptoms of ADHD, increasing the ability to sleep well, gain access to Vitamin D and better eye health: