2019 Tarākona Term 2 Colour Wheel Reading Groups Level 1

  • Posted on: 16 May 2019
  • By: MelvaGill

Colour wheel reading skills ..
Participate in workshops to develop decoding skills and comprehension.

Nellie & Sam R

Turquoise -

Henry, Lennox, Louie & Nevaeh

Gold Kids read with Debs Friday too
Coral, Willow, Delia, Zoey F, Aniwa, Theo M, Nevaeh

Students will:
• Acquire and begin to use sources of information, processes, and strategies to identify, form, and express ideas.
Ð selects and reads texts for enjoyment and personal fulfilment;
Ð uses sources of information (meaning, structure, visual and grapho-phonic information) and prior knowledge to make sense of a range of texts;
Ð associates sounds with letter clusters as well as with individual letters;
Ð uses processing and some comprehension strategies with some confidence;
Ð is developing the ability to think critically about texts;
Ð begins to monitor, self-evaluate, and describe progress.
By using these processes and strategies when listening, reading, or viewing, students will:

• Recognise and identify ideas within and across texts.
Ð understands that personal experience can influence the meaning gained from texts;
Ð makes meaning of texts by identifying ideas in some texts.
Language features
• Recognise and begin to understand how language features are used for effect within and across texts.
Ð recognises a large bank of high-frequency and some topic-specific words;
Ð shows some knowledge of the text conventions, such as capital letters, full stops, and word order; volume and clarity; and simple symbols.
• Recognise and begin to understand text structures.
Ð understands that the order and organisation of words, sentences, and images contribute to text meaning;
recognises some text forms and some differences between them.

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