Shared HB Inquiry: Building a city

  • Posted on: 9 March 2015
  • By: MelvaGill

Building a City shared Community inquiry.
Creating future cities, devising and answering questions as to what future cities will need.
Create a draft city with a suburb buddy. Suburb buddies to create an online version of their suburb/city using Plan it Green or Electrocity.
In Interview groups design questions. Arrange interviews with people the kids think are central to developing a city.
Interviewing in the wider community. Visiting sewer works, museums, CHch rebuild, Art Gallery, Police, Council Planning.

Use SOLO to self reflect and self assess the depth of my questioning and learning .

Using planning for the day, week, term, to organise how I will do my inquiry.

Reflecting on each day, and weekly.On Monday morning when I update my planning to track how I’m doing and stay on track.

To Do List: 
Create a draft suburb with a buddy. Create an online city. Interview at least one but up to three experts in my interview groups. Visit sites such as Lincoln University