Clone of Clone of 1.2 Level One - Term one 'Getting started'

  • Posted on: 1 March 2019
  • By: HollyRamsay
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*This is full year NCEA course that offers up to 24 credits. Please read the self directed option at the bottom of this descriptor.
This is a skills based course that allows for you to strengthen your art making and technical skills and generate ideas in a series that develops throughout the year around a theme or topic. Finding a soul animal or animal totem will be part of your theme development.

Your art making will also be supported by an investigation into how other artists have made their art and how art fits in your world. You will draw using a variety of media from dry to wet, make prints and paintings, display your work and make a portfolio. This course is important if you want to continue on and do level two and level three art or have plans to have a career in creative arts such as; design, fine arts, promotional art and design, animation, graphic design, illustration, film/photography, tattooing, architecture and more.

There will be plenty of opportunities to share and discuss ideas about art that maybe social, political and environmental. You will have opportunities to display your work and later in the year to exhibit your work in a public setting. (This is optional).
You don’t have to be great at drawing to do this course, you do need to be able to commit to a process of learning so that your skills develop. You will conclude the year at the end of term three with the completion of a two panel A1 size folio. A materials list will be provided.

This course links to - English for Artists with Laura Barrowdale where you can again additional skills and credits in English.
English for Artists class is designed with Level 1 and 2 students in mind so go read the descriptor for this in red block. Students in English for Artists will have the opportunity to be assessed against Level 1 Reading (4 credits), Level 2 Reading (4 credits), Level 1 Research (3 credits), Level 2 Research (4 credits). They may also choose to use the texts we study as inspiration towards Level 1 Creative Writing (3 credits) or the Level 2 Writing portfolio (6 credits).

* If you would like to do a self directed art class - supported in the art space supported by an art LA - at level one - in purple timetable slot - that does not include NCEA - NB:there will be a descriptor for this in 1.2 and for the rest of the year. 1.1 is dedicated to NCEA level one art students only.