English for Artists

  • Posted on: 28 February 2019
  • By: LauraBorrowdale
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English for Artists is a class designed with Level 1 and 2 students in mind. It is intended to extend and support the senior Art curriculum. Holly and Laura are working closely together on building a complimentary English and Art programme.
In term one, English for Artists will work on developing and supporting concepts around animal alter egos. We will wallow in poetry and concepts, doing a lot of reading and responding to texts. We’ll move into gaining information literacy and research skills to support the exploration of artist models in Holly’s class. Students in English for Artists will have the opportunity to be assessed against Level 1 Reading (4 credits), Level 2 Reading (4 credits), L1 Research (3 credits), Level 2 Research (4 credits). They may also choose to use the texts we study as inspiration towards Level 1 Creative Writing (3 credits) or the Level 2 Writing portfolio (6 credits).

Assessment Opportunities: