Gateway Porse Early Childhood Education

PORSE advises that the following level 3 credits achieved:
US 26707 v4 4 credits

I am going to complete an early childhood education certificate which involves 19 credits at level 2, 21 credits at level 3 and 60 credits at level 4. I will also do work placements at early childhood care places. This could be at the organization Kiddz.

7/2 Grace requested carrying on with Gateway Porse ECE qualifications and work placements this year. Grace enrolled with PORSE for
US 10026 Demonstrate knowledge of children's development and learning and their relevance to an ECE service - level 3, 5 credits
US 26707 Describe the value of play and create resources for children's development and learning in an ECE service - level 3, 4 credits

15/2 Grace receives the resources for these - Grace will get back to John when they are finished and ready to submit to PORSE for marking.

15/2 Grace will make contact again with her work placement at Kiddz Home Based ECE

28/2 Grace completed First Aid Level One course through Lifecare Christchurch
6400 Credit - 2 Manage First Aid in Emergency Situations
6401 Credit - 1 Provide First Aid
6402 Credit - 1 Provide Basic Life Support

Curriculum Levels: