Level 1A-2 Writing T1 2019

  • Posted on: 10 February 2019
  • By: MelFisk

We will be writing recounts based on our personal experiences. We will plan our stories, using techniques like a story map, to help us structure a beginning, middle and end, then draft with growing independence, creating recounts of our experiences in the world. We will be rereading and sharing our work to develop skills giving and getting constructive feedback, and use that feedback and our own understandings to revise, proofread, polish and publish our stories.

Level 2 Writing Skills:
I can recall a personal experience, write independently to recount that experience, and revise and edit the writing for sense, meaning, and effect.
I can use planning strategies to organise my ideas for writing (e.g., by using lists and mind maps that distinguish main ideas from details) and to generate language for writing.
I can create content, mostly relevant, that conveys several experiences, items of information, and/ or ideas relating to the topic or task and that sometimes includes details and/or comment.
I can revise and edit my writing for sense and impact and give my peers feedback on their writing.
I can proofread my writing to check the spelling, grammar, and punctuation, drawing on what I know about words and sentences, and using resources such as junior dictionaries.
I can publish, where appropriate, in a variety of ways, depending on my purpose and audience.

To Do List: 
engage in writing workshops
plan out my stories with a story map
draft stories in my writing book
check my spelling and that my story makes sense
revise, polish and publish stories as appropriate
throughout this process I will be sharing my writing to get feedback to help make my writing better
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