Writing Folios

  • Posted on: 30 January 2019
  • By: braf
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I'll get you started on your writing folios. These will contain the best five pieces of writing you do this year. I will provide you with regular feedback and you will respond to that feedback before attempting your next piece of work.

Classes will be a combination of structured lessons; free writing; guided writing and goofing around with words and language. This class is also part of a larger personal inquiry into whether regular formal feedback is useful for learners. I will be asking you to review my teaching, and the quality of my feedback often. I would hope you would see that as helping provide Ao Tawhiti with some useful data - ask me anytime if you want to know more about this.

Then, we will sit down in term three and decide which ones you consider to be the best two for assessment. For those worried about getting early credits, don’t, I’ll be able to give you indicative grades throughout the year. Plus, think of it this way. You are far more likely to get a good grade later in the year when you are more skilled in proofreading and editing.

Writing can be gathered from other subjects too! If you want to know how to do that let me know. Also if you are unable to take this course but are interested in submitting work for assessment please see me in person or flick me an email.

Assessment Opportunities: