English 6

Course Overview

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Purpose: The purpose of this course is to celebrate, share and enjoy the power of the word and images.

If English isn’t, or hasn’t been your thing, then I would hope to support your learning to help you find something to connect to, and then build some cool learning around.

A secondary purpose is to help you improve your skills with words - recognising them; arranging them - and yes, spelling them.

Being good with words will help you make connections in the world and allow you to express yourself in new ways. You will start to learn to position yourself as a writer, speaker and recorder, and understand how other producers of texts position themselves through their work.

How? The year is arranged to get you started on your writing folios. These will contain the best five pieces of writing you do this year. They can be gathered from other subjects too! We will sit down in term three and decide which ones you consider to be the best two for assessment. For those worried about getting early credits, don’t, I’ll be able to give you indicative grades throughout the year.

In the second half of the term we will start on producing personal responses to text. Although you don’t have to write for these assessments, for those of you wanting to fill your writing folio early on, then these responses will also provide folio opportunities.

We will also try to have fun with language - remixing new stuff from old things. Overall I would like you to enjoy this subject, respect its awesomeness - and do some memorable learning.

1.1 Writing Folios Writing focus

1.2 Personal Response to Text Reading / viewing / listening focus

2.1 NZ Short Films on Poverty Viewing / Including preparing for External

2.2 Presenting my theme study Presenting

3.1 Courtly Love Reading / Unfamiliar Text /

3.2 Writing Folios and reading logs revisited / exam revision

4.1 Exam revision.

There are 16 internal NCEA level 1 credits available and up to 12 external credits.

These are:

AS 90052 . Produce Creative Writing . 3
AS 90053 Produce Formal Writing 3
AS 90854 Produce Personal Responses 4
AS 90856 Show understanding of Visual Texts 3
As 90857 Oral Presentation . 3

Externals will be negotiated on a 1:1 basis and become part of IEP and 1:1. This will be done throughout the year. Please discuss with me if you are interested.

Courses offered per block.

TitleLA CodeBlockYear
NCEA EnglishGEOM4.22021
English - NCEA level 1ANIY32021
6 Project EnglishGEOM32021
Around the World in 80 PagesROBM22021
6 Project EnglishGEOM22021
Around the World in 80 PagesROBM12021
6 Project EnglishGEOM12021