• Posted on: 29 January 2019
  • By: louisewilson
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Number skills. Checking you have the base skills in decimals, fractions, percentages and ratios.

We will spend this block racing through the math skills you need just to get by in the world.

  • reason with linear proportions
  • use prime numbers, common factors and multiples, and powers (including square roots)
  • understand operations on fractions, decimals, percentages, and integers use rates and ratios
  • know commonly used fraction, decimal, and percentage conversions
  • know and apply standard form, significant figures, rounding, and decimal place value
  • apply direct and inverse relationships with linear proportion
  • extend powers to include integers and fractions
  • apply everyday compounding rates.

Everyone will sit: Apply numeric reasoning in solving problems, 4 credits, level 1.

    To gain Achieved you must apply numeric reasoning involves:
  • selecting and using a range of methods in solving problems
  • demonstrating knowledge of number concepts and terms
  • communicating solutions which would usually require only one or two steps.

To gain Merit you must use relational thinking that involves one or more of:

  • selecting and carrying out a logical sequence of steps
  • connecting different concepts and representations
  • demonstrating understanding of concepts
  • forming and using a model;
  • and also relating findings to a context, or communicating thinking using appropriate
    mathematical statements.

To gain Excellence you must use extended abstract thinking that involves one or more of:

  • devising a strategy to investigate or solve a problem
  • identifying relevant concepts in context
  • developing a chain of logical reasoning, or proof
  • forming a generalisation
  • and also using correct mathematical statements, or communicating mathematical

Assessment Opportunities: