How do we "do" science?

  • Posted on: 23 January 2019
  • By: ZackWilliams
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In this unit, we will discover how we know what we know, and "how to do science". We'll study the steps in the 'Scientific Method' and compare it with how scientists actually do awesome science-y stuff every day. Science is a creative and collaborative adventure that isn't always done "by the book", and different discoveries and experiments are done by scientists following a unique pathway of steps (kind of like how two recipes are totally different, but after doing all the steps, you still end up with something amazing!). We'll also learn whether stereotypes about the "typical" scientist are true or not.

Students will learn to:

- Appreciate that science is a way of explaining the world and that science knowledge changes over time.

- Identify ways in which scientists work together and provide evidence to support their ideas.