HB Hawk Stage 4 Maths Group Term 4 2018

  • Posted on: 10 October 2018
  • By: GinaHarrison

Students will work in small groups with their LA 3 times per week, to learn the knowledge and strategies below.

This term we will work on Fractions. We will also revise and practice basic facts. We will use Maths Buddy for Must Do tasks, some lessons and follow up practice at home.

Level 2:
Number Strategies:
- Use simple additive strategies with whole numbers and fractions.
Number Knowledge:
- Know forward and backward counting sequences with whole numbers to at least 1000.

I can identify half, quarter, third, fifth, sixth, eighth etc. and match the symbol to the correct picture.
I can order basic fractions with the same denominator.
I can find fractions of a number.
I can skip count in 2s 3s 4s 5s and 10s
I can use skip counting to solve basic multiplication problems
I can understand that skip counting is a part of early multiplication
I know place value to 999 and can name how many tens in a hundreds number
I can read numbers up to 1000

Please see folder in HB for detailed weekly plan.

Learning Area: 
To Do List: 
Work with their group 3x per week
Understand and use strategies first through using materials, then imaging, then number properties
Work through some stage 4 key ideas from Numeracy Project Book 5 and some knowledge from Book 4
Use maths buddy to complete practice must do activities
LA Code: