iMovie Mania T4 2018

  • Posted on: 2 October 2018
  • By: SuzeKeys

Early Writers Script Writing

After attending Seven Oaks school’s performance of the play “Porridge” at the end of term 3, the early writers group expressed an interest in acting, in particular to make iMovies. However, past iMovies made have lacked structure or cohesion due to insufficient planning prior to filming. This affirms a need in their writing which is to improve planning, particularly regarding sequencing.

In order to support better iMovies we are going to look at planning, script-writing and movie making for writing in term 4.

We will look at planning, sequencing, scriptwriting, storyboarding and acting and we will use the story of The Little Red Hen to support the teaching of these things.
We will work as a group to make an iMovie to present at the end of year COL.
We will create our own characters and concepts for movies and we will choose one to make into the final movie.
We will learn how to use iMovie - Daniel and Zavier from HB Phoenix will come and run a workshop for us.
We will all have different roles during the film-making process - some of us will be actors, others will do makeup and costumes, props and equipment, directing and cameras.
We will complete the editing as a group - we will give instructions to Suze who will edit the movie on her laptop.
We will email the finished movie to Ian before the December 5th deadline for the COL on the 7th.
We will present the movie to the other HB Tuatara writing group as well as other Homebases.
We will stand up at the COL and introduce our movie.

To Do List: 
Read the Little Red Hen (LRH) and create a story map of the story.
Sequence the LRH story.
Establish the characters, setting, plot and plot resolution of the LRH.
Act out the LRH story without a script.
Act out the LRH story with a script.
Consider the elements of scripts.
Brainstorm movie ideas - establish a what if statement for one.
Create a character.
Storymap the movie concepts.
Work in small groups to develop scripts.
Present concepts to class, choose best 4.
In 4 concept groups, develop script.
Storyboard the scripts.
Vote on one script to make into film
Select roles for production - prepare.
Film movie - practise each scene before filming.
Edit movie - give Suze instructions.
Email movie to Ian before 5th December.
Present movie to other writing group.
Write script for introduction at COL
Present movie at COL
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