Board Game - Writing, Scripting and Filming

  • Posted on: 24 September 2018
  • By: richardpitts
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A number of students thought that 'board games' would be a fun 4.2 class. I agree, but I'd also love to see some transferable learning activities in there.

So, presenting: a board gaming class, where we take the best narrative moments from the games and turn them into creative writing, or scripts, or Lego stop motion films, or live action re-enactments which are then turned into films!

I reckon this'll be very fun, and also very challenging. Please, please don't take this class expecting a cruisy free ride of games with nothing else - there will be a mandatory bit of work due each week, and no games will be played until you've completed that bit of work.

By signing up to the class, you're agreeing to participate (there won't be any devices necessary, or allowed), to turn up on time (it's in the Otakaro, so organise yourself), to turn work in where required (freeloaders will be removed from the class), and to be respectful of property (I'm looking at you, the people who borrowed Forbidden Island, never returned it and scattered the components all over the school). You're also agreeing to be filmed, and potentially make a fool of yourself in front of a camera for the whole school/world to see.