Ao Tawhiti Zine

  • Posted on: 30 August 2018
  • By: KateArmour

The Ao Tawhiti Zine

Why? It will be good for others in the community and for us to contribute to the magazine with work we are doing - a platform for our work and interests. Eg. our comics.

Learning outside the classroom? A non-verbal way of students to communicate their ideas - less threatening! Students/teachers from other school helping?

A quality outcome? Regularly (eg. once a month) produced, it will be enjoyable and have lots of relatable items - not just writing or comics - people can contribute whatever they like within reason. An editor function - Hadley.

Participating and Contribution - Unlimited Entertainment! A place for people at school to share stuff or just enjoy reading it.

We all have jobs:
1. Manager - Naima
2. Co-manager - Noah
3. Tech and Editor - Hadley
4. Documentarist/Advertising - Jasper
5. Illustrator - Shay
6. Cover page - Finn (Noah's friend)

Kate's Suggestions:
1. Talk to other people/organisations who produce (on-line) magazines (eg Steven Muster, Hannah (Noah's Mum)....
2. Should we have themes? Eg. nature
3. Create a "zine" email - talk to Liam

Other notes
1. We may have a donation box

To do now:
1. Create a folder for our paper work
2. Fill in a weekly task sheet
3. Talk to Steven/other schools about their magazine - check out other schools
4. Wikihow to start a magazine