2018 Term 3 Maths: stage 4 to stage 5 in Numeracy Project mult/div

  • Posted on: 19 August 2018
  • By: MelFisk

Moving from stage 4 to stage 5 in Numeracy Project
Students will take part in workshops at least three times a week, developing understanding and strategies for solving multiplication and division problems. We will using arrays, diagrams, fact families and skip counting to strengthen understandings of multiplication/division. Students will reinforce and consolidate learning with 3 independently directed sessions online at Mathsbuddy a 3 times a week, selected to build on workshop learning and appropriate number knowledge/strategy practise.

We will be developing strategies to understand and solve multiplication/division problems, including:
using repeated addition,
solving five times tables by doubling and halving (and learn them),
using the commutative property, [e.g. 4 × 6 = 6 × 4],
dividing by making equal sets,
dividing by sharing using addition to predict.

Number Knowledge:
Identify all of the numbers in the range 0-1000
Recall addition and subtraction facts to 20
Recall the number of groupings of tens that can be made from a three-digit number
Record the results of multiplication calculations, using equations and diagrams.

Learning Area: 
To Do List: 
attend and engage workshops
take part in follow up activities to reinforce workshop learning
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