Haven't You Noticed?

  • Posted on: 7 August 2018
  • By: KateArmour

Aim: To create an animation about my friends and me using "Haven't You Noticed" from Steven Universe as the background music. I plan to upload it to the internet.

Why? I've been thinking about animating this song with my friends before. I've never done one before. I've only done test animations.

Theme: friendship? positive? Personas but in character (security on the internet)

Support: Dad, Ivy and Shay is going to buy me a stylist for your tablet/phone

The animation will have 500+ themes. I'll learn how to layer on Fire Alpaca.

Impact - is to share it on the internet and with my friends


Week 3 - Plan a storyline
Week 4 - Plan and Storyboard the basics outline
Week 5 - 7 - Draw sketches, then outlines, then colour for the four characters (need the stylus)
Week 3 - Get a good copy of the music and find out how to add it to the drawn frames - Emi, Andrew, ask Ian about students in the yellow class
Week 8 -10 - Draw backgrounds afterwards

Week 3 - pitched

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