Africa Fundraiser

  • Posted on: 31 July 2018
  • By: KateArmour

Aim: To have a raffle to raise money to buy 300 t-shirts for all of the kids in a village in Zimbabwe.

The kids in this village only have a school uniform and they wear it all the time. Roxane (our contact) has told us they need something else to wear out of school.

We are interested because we like to help people and this seems like a good project.

How are we going to raise the money?
Raffle and a bake sale.

1. Contact businesses for raffle prizes - started already
2. Advertise our project and the raffle (poster/email)
3. Sell tickets
4. Plan Bake Sale ($$, float, time, venue)
5. Advertise the bake sale
6. Run the raffle and bake sale

Week 2 of Term
1. Get the raffle prizes sorted
2. Plan the bake sale - $$

Week 3
1. Raffle prizes

Week 4
1. Advertise/posters/email for raffle
2. Start selling raffle tickets

Week 5/6
1. Continues selling raffle tickets

Week 7

Roxanne leaves on the 28/09/18 so we have to have the money by then