Early writers HB Tuatara T3 2018

  • Posted on: 9 July 2018
  • By: SuzeKeys

The early writers are able to write their alphabet and some high frequency words, they are able to use their phonics skills to sound out words they don't know and they are able to use full stops to end their sentences. They are beginning to use capital letters correctly and some students can use a variety of punctuation like exclamation marks and speech marks.

Using these skills we will work at writing at 3 sentences every day or more depending on their level of ability.

The focus for term 3 is:
Weeks 1-2: concentrating on surface features, writing some individual goals around these features and doing free writing (recounts?) while concentrating on those goals.
Plan stories with a quick drawing - considering beginning, middle and end ideas (1 sentence each) - as from term 1.
Remember to use some describing words if possible - as from term 2.

Also continuing with the editing skills that were a focus in term 1 and 2:
- Using and correctly writing high frequency (fast) words.
- Using phonics skills to sound out words (approximated spellings are expected).
- Underlining words to show the word is sounded out and likely to be spelled incorrectly.
- Appropriate capital letter use - at the beginning of sentences or for names only.
- Using a full-stop at the end of sentences.
- Writing 1, 2, 3 or more sentences as per individual goals.
- Making a story map or drawing for a plan.
- Writing longer and longer stories - adding to yesterday's story today to make it longer and longer.
- Reading back through the story to see where they're up to and what comes next. Also to consider any errors that they may find (proofreading).
- Concentrating to write (and not be distracted) during writing time.

Weeks 3-4 - Keeping ourselves safe programme.

Weeks 5-10 - Information reports, writing questions/quizzes as a part of the information report - such as with "those" reading books.

To Do List: 
Write some individual goals on surface areas to focus on improving.
Make a picture plan or story map
Write 3 or more sentences depending on ability.
Sound out unknown words
Underline unknown words
Use HFWs
Put full stops at the end of sentences
Use capital letters in the right places (start of sentences and for names only)
Concentrate on writing at writing time - use core values
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