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Waiting for the Yearbook

  • Posted on: 27 June 2018
  • By: mhu
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3.1 Is a SDL - a Self-Directed Media Learning class until Marlene returns in 3.2. However she will be connected to the class via her school email.

Print Media students... continuing from term 2 will work on completing their NCEA assessments and beginning to look at ideas for our schools 2018 Yearbook with New Students. Think of events to write about or articles our community would enjoy reading.

There will be NCEA Media Studies credits in all levels offered depending on your specific needs (can discuss NCEA English credits & other Media credits). We will have deadlines to meet as a build up for the yearbook and we will have pieces of work written in time for the school newsletter or other Ao Tawhiti media.

Part 1 - WRITE - Write an article (or two); Drafts & Brainstorms are a MUST!
Part 2 - PLAN PRESENTATION - Design a page (or 4) for a magazine; Write about your design;
Part 3 - PRODUCE PRESENTATION - Design is finished; Write a reflection

All THREE of these parts have seperate credits!