Level One Media Studies

  • Posted on: 23 June 2018
  • By: richardpitts
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In Media Studies this year, we'll be looking primarily at films, and how to express ideas about society through their creation.

Students will gain a range of filmmaking skills (shot design, scriptwriting, camera operation, editing, sound recording... practical stuff like that), analyse a bunch of short and extended films, and design and create their own films throughout the year.

In 3.1, we'll put our skills learnt throughout the year to analyse a film selected by the class via criticker: The Fall (2008).

Those students who have progressed their film design and production skills will also have the opportunity to design and script a short film (or advert) to gain a bunch of NCEA credits.

NOTE: A reasonable level of reading comprehension and written English is recommended for students enrolling in this course - it's very much a hybrid of Media and English at times!

Assessment Opportunities: