2.2 Level Two - Art making towards a folio

  • Posted on: 27 May 2018
  • By: HollyRamsay
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TermTwo - Recommended that those scheduling into this course have completed the term one program for level two visual art.
(Pre- requisite is level one visual art, if you have not completed a level one art folio you must negotiate with a visual art learning adviser prior to entry of this course).
This course supports making a body of art work suitable for NCEA at level two. The year concludes with the completion of a two panel A1 size folio. You will also have two opportunities to display your work (this is optional) in our group show at the Christchurch City Council Chambers in June and September. You will work on a theme of your choice supported by an investigation into established practices. Studying other artists gives you ideas and supports you to move forward and strengthen your own practice. We will regularly discuss social, political, philosophical, metaphysical and environmental issues. You will develop skills for working independently and learn how to put your own work in context. The fields/subjects available for study are; design, painting, printmaking and sculpture. You can enter into more than one field or subject. Photography is a separate subject and the Art Learning advisor is Ross Marwick.
Regular critiques, reflecting, problem solving, planning, good time management and completing regular homework is highly recommended for this practical course as is a commitment to study during mentoring times. Creative process and developing ideas leads to many career pathways. STAR funding is available for those wanting to have real life experiences in visual art during the year. This course leads to scholarship at level three.