Animal Behaviour, Plant Responses and Genetically Modified Food

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  • Posted on: 26 May 2018
  • By: MattiasWieland
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We will complete our introduction to key concepts in Animal Behaviour and Plant Responses (external, 5 credits) by focusing on Intraspecific Relationships (how animals co-operate to successfully pass on their genes to the next generation, and how they reduce competition) in Week 6 and 7.

From Week 8 onwards, we will discuss how humans have changed the way they obtain food through artificial selection of plants and animals over the last 11'000 years and contrast this to the relatively new approach of genetically modifying organisms (GMO) for food production. We will look at examples such as Papaya, Corn and Soybeans, look at the technique of how they have been altered and the consequences of this modification. You may then complete an internal (3 credits) which requires you to compare the two approaches in the Term holidays or early in Term 3. This learning will also be relevant to the Evolution and Speciation (AS 3.5) and Human Evolution externals taught in Term 3 (AS 3.6).

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