HB Hawk T2 2018 Narrative Story Telling

  • Posted on: 25 May 2018
  • By: GinaHarrison

Unit with a focus on Narrative Story Telling.
We will learn the story "Snip Snip" using the Story Telling process of tell, map, step, write.

Week 3:
Learn and map story

Week 4:
Record ourselves telling/stepping the story
Write the story

Week 5:
Edit our story by first reading to someone else to check we haven't missed any bits, then check spelling, grammar, punctuation.

Week 6:
Begin planning our own version of Snip Snip swapping out characters.
Map and tell story and record on iPad.

Week 7:
Write story.
Repeat editing process as above.

During this process we will also focus on "deepening" where we will look at figurative language, use of dialogue and character description.
We will look at the surface features of punctuation (including learning how to use commas), paragraph use, spelling and tense.

To Do List: 
Tell a story
Map a story
Step out my story
Write my story
Edit my story for meaning and spelling/punctuation
LA Code: