7/8 Photography Folio Generation and Development

  • Posted on: 16 May 2018
  • By: RossMarwick
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“This course is designed to enable you to make a body of work suitable for a Photography Folio for NCEA Level Two or Three. You will work on a theme and idea of your own choice supported by an Inquiry into established, reputable artists and their own work.
This course will is an extension of 2.1 and will run into Term Three as well, all the rest of the year will be spent on producing Folios for either level 2 or 3 external assessments. Level 2 folios are worth 12 NCEA credits and level 3 14 credits.
Studying other artists, the conventions they use, their techniques, processes and thinking is essential to let you refine your own ideas and practical work. We will regularly discuss a wide range of issues, look at how artists have reacted to the world around them and I will try to challenge and excite your thinking and your work with a camera.
You will need to be prepared to work autonomously outside the classroom, communicate clearly and meet deadlines. You will need access to a laptop or computer with Photoshop, and if you have your own digital camera with a manual function, bonus!
The goals during 2.2 will be to complete Panel 1 for Level 2 students and Panel 1 and half of Panel 2 for Level 3 folios. The emphasis will be on clarifying and developing your ideas and imagery.
If you have been in this class and have not been meeting folio deadlines you need to seriously reconsider your pathway and discuss with me and your HBLA before re-enrolling in this course.
This class runs only on Monday and Wednesday.”

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